iPhoto Slideshow Won’t Play iTunes Music

If you’ve been having trouble getting your iPhoto slideshows to play music from iTunes, then follow the directions below and your problems will be solved!

This solution uses the iTunes feature “reorganize files in the folder ‘iTunes Media'” to correct compatibility issues between iPhoto and iTunes. No data will be lost in the process.

More info can be found on this Apple forum if you’re interested


Open iTunes and navigate up to the main menu bar

Click File > Library > Organize Library

Click the check box next to “Reorganize files in the folder ‘iTunes Media'”

Tip: After reorganizing your iTunes Library, be sure to relaunch iPhoto if it has remained open during this process.


You’re done! Go back to your iPhoto slideshows, set the music from your iTunes library that you want to play, and click start!

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7 thoughts on “iPhoto Slideshow Won’t Play iTunes Music

      • I created a slideshow in iPhoto. I had already added my music to iTunes, so I went to the slideshow and added that music, but it never plays.
        So I followed the directions of going to iTunes, File, Library etc. When I got to Organize Library, the area reading Reorganize etc, is gray, therefore cannot be checked.

      • Is all your software is up to date? If you’re running an old version of iPhoto, iTunes, or OS X then try updating to the latest version.

      • I have search the Internet for possible solutions but everything I’m finding says exactly the same thing that I wrote above. I’m sorry I can’t help you! The only other solution I can think of would be to stop by an Apple Store and talk to them.

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